Hussein & January 4th – Photography

Josef Adamu is the creative director and producer for Sunday School, as well as the founder of his own namesake brand. In his series, ‘Hussein’ and ‘January 4th’, Adamu tells captivating and inspiring stories through photography, featuring boldly coloured visuals and himself as the subject. He says, ‘My work explores the relationships between contrasting colours, intriguing layouts, various forms of fashion and modern design. The inspiration for each project derives from anything and everything I am surrounded by on a daily basis: architecture, culture, fashion, and social media. Each image depicts an emotion, an experience, and as a collection, a story is told. My purpose here is to create vivid memories and to inspire others as they inspire me’.

‘January 4th’ tells a story of the artist’s creative progression and discovery throughout the course of the year 2016, as well as his artistic vision for the future.

‘Hussein’ is a moving and hopeful story centred around an ambitious manual labourer from Chad, struggling with his new life and identity in a foreign country and the disillusion experienced along the way. The full stories from Adamu’s series ‘Hussein‘ and ‘January 4th‘ can be found on his website.


Credits: Josef Adamu

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