Faraway Hotel Identity

Today, we’re taking you on an adventurous trip and design with LMNOP Creativity. How is your current wanderlust level? Because we’re looking forward to holidays so we can travel soon. And excitement is around the corner. Faraway Hotel, a catalyst for adventure and cultivated experiences, asked LMNOP to create its visual identity and graphic system. 

Faraway Hotel challenges the traditional hospitality industry by fostering a connection with both a destination and the brand. LMNOP developed the brand narrative, identity, signage and wayfinding, textiles, and comprehensive graphic language telling the story of an adventurous innkeeper, formerly a seasoned sea captain. Ensuring the brand positioning and equity beckons enough adventure to stretch as a parent brand for future properties.
Designers took a creative approach to discoverable experiences, not scripted. They integrated personal touches sprinkled throughout the visual system, from kinetic lockups to mermaids. It’s an electric story. The compendium and pocket guides they designed are one of their favorite parts of the project – using custom illustrated maps and the illusion of your travel journal leading you on your adventurous stay.  

All in all, we’re excited by Farewell’s identity as it takes us to classic children’s stories, similar to the ones Wendy told their little brothers in Peter Pan. And we wish our future trips have the same magical mystic as this gorgeous design.  


Credits: LMNOP Creative

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