NO FIXED ADDRESS has created the name and visual identity for DOKI DOKI, a new full-service audio studio launching in Quebec City that specializes in the creation of original music and multiplatform sound design for video games. The name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a heart-pounding feeling of excitement. Precisely the kind of emotional response the studio generates with every project. At the heart of the visual identity are two characters, DOKI and DOKI, who embody the studios collaborative philosophy, putting two players in every game, reflecting their commitment to the creative partnerships they build with each of their clients. The wider brand universe lets these characters loose to play in an infinite audio world constructed from the most common onomatopoeia from video games, animation and film – a comprehensive visual system made entirely from sound.


Credits: Jean-Philippe Dugal, Stuart Macmillan, Alexis Bronstorph, Kelsey Horne, Michel Labrecque, William Dakin, Alex Bernatchez, Catherine Camiré, Pierre-Nicolas Lessard

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