Day Horaay

we3studio was asked to create a new beauty products brand. Together with the client studio created strategy, naming, identity, and a series of packaging.

Concept: Give yourself a moment of joy. Every day. The little dots appearing on the packages symbolize the week that everyone has to deal with 🙂 The big, shiny dot on the front represents a moment for you, a moment in any given day where you can relax.

Brand Narrative: With the Day Hooray you will take care of the perfect dose of joy every day! Its use will be for you a small trip to the SPA. The natural composition of ingredients will make your skin breathe with you. Feel how your skin becomes moisturized, elastic, and simply beautiful. Relax with Day Hooray and forget about small imperfections. Feel the energy to realize your plans and dreams.

Day Hooray. Be happy, smile, and be confident. Every day.
Find a moment just for yourself, relax and let the natural formulas work. Feel your skin grow beautiful and enjoy the facial care. Forget the small imperfections and be happy with yourself every day. Day Hooray gives you a daily dose of pampering, whenever you need it.

Have you found lines on the map of your face that had not been there before? Take it easy! Relax and trust our face mask. The natural formula eliminates the signs of fatigue visible on your face. The combination of sunflower oil, squalane, and strawberry seeds moisturizes the skin and protects it from harmful external factors and free radicals. The mask visibly smooths and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, for you to always be satisfied with the look of your skin.


Credits: we3studio

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