Color Combination Calendar 2022

This week we have entered the final countdown for 2022. It’s a time of the year when people have their most joyous spirit preceded by lots of stress, hard work, and last-minute purchases. So, here’s one gift suggestion that every creative mind should have in the first desk drawer. Today, we’re celebrating the joy of color combinations with Studio Luzia Hein’s design for next year’s calendar.

Already from the outside, the calendar reflects the theme of color – all four edges of the book block are colored on three pages, there is a color cut in dark wooden green. And the adhesive binding has a rose tone. Inside, a double page for each week of the year is designed with a seasonal color combination, alternating brilliant and muted tones full-color areas meet compositions with extra white space.
For a bright color reproduction and a matt surface and printing the calendar, they used an HP Indigo. All pages can be detached from the book block so that each card can also be used individually as a to-do list, postcard, grocery list, or wall decoration. Studio Luzia Hein’s previous Calendar edition received an award at the ADC competition.

For sure, we’re saving all their color combination as inspiration for our future projects! Check out their gorgeous design and let’s enjoy what’s left of this weird 2021.


Credits: Luzia Hein

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