Alchemy Jewellery Branding

Alchemy Jewellery is a classic Australian success story, that begins with an Greek immigrant toiling away long ago in the opal mines of Cooper Pedy, and continues today as his grandchildren design and manufacture jewellery showcasing that same precious stone. Fundamental for any manufacturing jeweller, the brand mark was also carefully designed to ensure it was simple and bold enough to be successfully pressed onto often minute spaces — like the inside of a ring. In such occasions, the distinctly curved, custom-made ‘A’ letterform serves to identify the jewellery by maker in a legible, memorable way. From this foundation, the designers developed a bold, flexible, design style for use across all marketing touchpoints.  In this way, whether it’s the gold foil and gilding that elevate their premium stationery range, the elegant wrapping paper bearing Alchemy’s customised brand-pattern, or the fashion-inspired product photography — featured heavily across the custom-designed responsive website — everything has been artfully designed to reinforce the feelings of luxury, elegance and sophistication that are central to their brand.

Credits: Simple

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