Good Pair Days

Universal Favourite, Sydney-based brand and digital consultancy, reimagined Good Pair Days’ brand and online experience for the relaunch of the company in June 2019.

Co-created by Tom Walenkamp and three-time Australian sommelier of the year Banjo Harris Plane, Good Pair Days couples expert curation with techbased personalisation. The start-up pairs its customers with the perfect wines for their palates, making them the most advanced wine retailer in the market.

Proclaimed “the Netflix of wine” by Vogue, the growing start-up recognised that their name, The Wine Gallery, and brand didn’t live up to the accolade. They needed a name that truly reflects their mission to open up the world of wine discovery to everyone — from newbies to aficionados — in a joyful and inclusive way. A name like Good Pair Days.

“We created a visual identity that effectively represents the brand’s digital nature without losing the human touch of their exceptional customer service and product experience” says Dari Israelstam, Founder and Creative Director of Universal Favourite.
“The new logomark, illustration system, supporting icons, ownable colour palette, bold typefaces and tone of voice elevates the brand across campaigns, website, app, packaging and sweet member swag” he adds.

When rebranding a tech-based company, the online experience is key. The new Good Pair Days website, designed by Universal Favourite, encourages users to explore, rate and discover wines from around the world. Built mobile-first to reflect the digital consumption habits of the audience, it’s a seamless commerce and wine education experience, regardless of device.


Credits: Universal Favourite

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