Geo Studies

Alvaro Navarro designed Geo Studies. Inspired in bauhaus and modern art, Alvaro elaborated these designs to express fresh and new ideas and new ways to work with basic geometries.

About the author:

Alvaro Navarro is a Designer and Art Director based in London, UK. With a strong background in advertising and design, currently located in London, he has worked with agencies and studios all around the world. Living in Los Angeles, California, for the past two years, now he moved to London starting a new chapter in his career.
He has worked with Ogilvy, Serial Cut, HelloPlayful, BBDO, Future Deluxe, Buck, and ManvsMachine among others; and clients like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple and many more. His skill set covers a range of disciplines from treatments, concept development, design, art direction, through to the full execution of animation, lighting, texturing and rendering.
Inspired by art, technology, interior and product design, architecture and design, he combines multiple fields to give to life aesthetic imagery and designs that can keep the stylish and eye catching look they are all looking for. He is always working on personal projects as they are key, and a must, to keep learning and exploring different styles and techniques.


Credits: Alvaro Navarro

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