Gent – Skincare for Gentlemen

Dane Labelle designed Gent – Skincare for Gentlemen – a concept skincare brand designed for modern gentlemen. A common theme in mens skincare is for brands to play upon dated stereotypes of what masculinity is or should be. Gent was designed to challenge those toxic stereotypes and present a skincare line that would be approachable, fresh and inclusive to a diverse group of gentlemen. 

Finding the right balance was important for this project. The main typeface for Gent has a humanist quality which helps support a design that does not immediately read as overtly masculine. Life can be all too serious at times so to add some whimsy; a mustache was incorporated into the letter “t”. The overall branding and design uses minimal typography and a clean colour palette that appeals to a broad range of gentlemen.



Credits: Dane Labelle

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