Freeda is a famous language school in Barcelona. Their first visual identity was crafted a decade ago. While studying there, I recognized the need for a refresh in 2023 and approached Freeda with a vision to update their visual brand identity, focusing on humanity, friendliness, and an engaging learning experience.

Collaborating closely with the school’s team, we infused the new identity with vibrant elements that reflect the dynamic spirit of Freeda. Friendly illustrations capture the essence of the student experience, while expressive colors and typography enhance the brand’s unique character.

The result is a new design system that truly embodies the school’s personality and positioning, making learning at Freeda both inviting and inspiring. The updated visual identity not only modernizes the brand but also reinforces Freeda’s commitment to a joyful and effective educational journey.

Looking ahead, the new brand identity aligns seamlessly with Freeda’s vision for the future, ensuring that the school remains at the forefront of language education, continuing to attract and inspire students from around the world.


Credits: Ilia Tuma

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