It’s a new week, and we bring a fresh start like this post’s header shows. Follione is a haircare brand developed in the UK by One Green Lab that offers products for the different hair loss stages, both in men and women, to provide an effective, safe, and convenient hair loss treatment. fagerström is the creative mind in charge of Follione’s visual identity.

The company fights the common dishonesty in the cosmeceutical industry through direct and transparent communication. They explain to consumers what to realistically expect while educating them on how the hair growth cycle works.
Growth is the central concept that is present both in the brand and in the packaging design. The logotype stands out for the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to create the effect of 3 growing hair follicles. It has a dynamic imprint, showing the process of hair growth.
For the packaging, designers developed a graphic system that uses vertical lines that thicken as they grow. This resource depicts the new hair strength and firmness. The brand’s values, honesty and transparency, are also represented in the packaging’s information label. Also, the color palette choice is subtle and features another 2021’s trend related to pastel colors.

All in all, this is a hair-splitting design project. And we’re fascinated by the high-end details fagerström studio managed with finesse sensibility.


Credits: fagerström

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