FIATC Insurance HQ

Dani Rubio & Raimon Botey designed FIATC Insurance HQ – the second mutual society in Spain. Its headquarters were renewed and the interior space was distributed by using curvy wooden walls. The challenge in the wayfinding intervention consisted on applying the signage in these curvy surfaces with an harmonic solution. The floor numbers are made of vertical white stripes so they can follow the curve angle. This striped motive was extended to the rest of the working areas and departments. It also became de grid to design a set of pictograms for the cafeteria and the toilets. The floor panel uses a modular system in order to easily replace the information when required. The result is a consistent wayfinding system within all the applications.

Photography: Borja Ballbé & Olga Planas.
Awards: Spanish Silver Laus 2016 in Signage & Wayfinding category.
Client: FIATC Insurances
Team: Dani Rubio & Raimon Botey


Credits: Rai Botey & Dani Rubio

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