Expograph brand identity

Brand Brothers designed Expograph brand identity. Expograph is one of the major players in signage in France, established since 1973 at the gateway to Paris. Their mantra: inform, guide, beautify. The new identity is a refocused approach towards a more radical, more direct, more raw axis, expressing technicality and systemic thinking through their graphic identity.

The new logo, based on a homemade typographic design, is a monochromatic typogram, whose characters have been designed on the basis of a series of identical rectangles. The “X”, pointing in four directions, becomes the starting point of the new visual system: a collection of forms, which we constantly enrich, which join together to infinity and subtly evoke the three great promises of the company. The multiple versions range from print to vehicles; the new website will be launched by the end of 2019.


Credits: Brand Brothers

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