There has been many opinions and articles written about the future of AI art and what it means for artists, creators and graphic designers. The team at Lazaris wanted to better understand how they could leverage this emerging technology to empower and push their clients work further. In order to do that they created a self funded project in which they dove deep into the AI world and in the span of 2 months of spare time were able to:

  • Write a story, break it down, and build it into comic script
  • Generated over 6000 images using stable diffusion and MidJourney
  • Designed 64 panels over 12 pages + 4 cover pages
  • Developed a website in Webflow
  • Animated 64 panels + 4 cover pages in Rive
  • Developed a web interactive comic viewing experience
  • Developed a mini-game (half-completed & pivoted and pushed back at the time of launch)
  • Produced over 60 media rich posts across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Imgur
  • Produced 3 Behance case studies
  • Created a brand and collateral
  • Designed and produced 9 apparel items and posters

Check out the website and interactive comic on daedalus.am


Credits: Alex Lazaris, David Svezhintsev, Ethan Blaney

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