Brand Brothers designed Climatech – The oldest group in the renewable energy sector in Saudi Arabia, Climatech is a pioneering and recognized company in the fields of solar energy, air humidification, energy efficiency in buildings, and solutions for the smart city. Based in Riyadh and existing for two decades, it has built a solid reputation in energy engineering. In the spring of 2020, its teams contacted the studio to reinvent its graphic identity, which is now currently being deployed.

The designers opted for a typographic identity entirely designed for the brand, playing on a duality between the two C’s: one organic and fluid, the other solid and technical, they form a palpable and sensitive contrast that brings meaning and singularity to the logo, without altering its balance. The C of Climatech becomes the pivot of the visual language, declining in multiple graphic forms, telling through metaphors the areas in which the company stands out. This system is coupled with a direct graphic territory, stripped of unnecessary ornamentation, and refocuses the brand’s language on its messages, convictions and a new visual expression.


Credits: Brand Brothers

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