Chris Britton Electrician

Daniel Britton has created the full visual identity for Chris Britton who owns a start-up Electrician company.

For some people, calling a tradesman can be unnerving as you simply do not know who you are letting into your home. What this Identity does it aim to break the initial tension a customer may have in calling a tradesman.

Inspired by the work of Paul Rand, the logo is comprised of electrical symbols, which gives a witty and friendly overall first impression. The colours Blue and Yellow have been selected not only for there reassuring and playful qualities but also because they are the colours that are used in the back of a 3 pin plug which helps further ground the identity.

A bold pattern system has been created to help with brand recognition, the patterns not only hint at the nature of the business but also indicate the level of care that is taken over every project.


Credits: Daniel Britton

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