Carbon6 Brand

Carbon6 partnered with branding and design studio Lazaris to rebuild their brand from the ground up. One of the unique challenges they were experiencing was that they had recently acquired many new products, and each product had its own separate brand and identity. Working alongside the Carbon6 team, the team at Lazaris were able to build a scalable product icon system that will continue to live and grow alongside their business. Over the course of working with the team for several months, Lazaris were able to help them with their brand, product system, website redesign, collateral and campaign creative.

Carbon6 is building an ecosystem of ecommerce to help simplify success for online sellers around the world. The companys software tools and training programs, developed by the brightest minds in the Amazon seller ecosystem, help entrepreneurs succeed through innovative technology, services, and community everything an entrepreneur needs to start, scale, and optimize their online business. With a growing suite of products it was time to create a brand system that could be cohesive and adaptable to the company’s growth.

Since it’s conception the brand has been based in scientific nomenclature. The element Carbon has an atomic number of 6. As the new brand was brought to life, Lazaris built off that foundation while moving the design language forward with a focus on scalability, uniqueness and own-ability for the brand and its product suite.

For the color palette, Lazaris anchored around the previous Carbon6 Dark Purple. The Dark Purple was one of the biggest differentiating elements to our customers. The color stood out at trade shows and events where their customers developed an affinity toward it. We built out the cool suite of colors in order to expand upon the range of the dark purple, while allowing things to not feel as heavy. The bright colors are leveraged as accent colors, and to help contrast the dark purple.


Credits: Lazaris

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