Callen-Lorde Identity

Mother Design, Morgan Light & Matt van Leeuwen designed Callen-Lorde – a LGBTQ public health center located in New York City. For 50 years, the organization has been a revolutionary leader in the LGBTQ health space, providing excellent comprehensive health services free of societal judgement and patients ability to pay. Moved by their decade long contributions to the city and the LGBTQ community, they partnered with Callen-Lorde to create a new identity that could speak to the spirit and vibrancy of the historic organization and its patients and help to differentiate it within the public healthcare space.

Drawing inspiration from the guerilla marketing that came from the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, designers created a bold and colorful identity system to work across every touch point. From their website to promotional materials, the new identity deliberately shies away from traditional corporate branding and works to modernize the organization’s public face, while maintaining a deep consideration to the history of the community and its values.


Credits: Mother Design, Morgan Light & Matt van Leeuwen

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