Browzwear Rebranding

As an established leader in 3D fashion technology, Browzwear works with more than a thousand fashion and apparel companies worldwide. They provide products and services that make it possible to design, produce, and sell with remarkable efficiency. Virtual prototypes are true to life, sampling and production are streamlined, and ideas come to market faster – all with cost and waste reduced at every step of the way.

Browzwear engaged YummyColours to evolve the brand to reflect its global attitude and appetite for innovation on purpose. They needed a branding and communication strategy that spoke to both C-level deciders and designers and makers alike, as well as a fresh, cutting-edge look that confers technological advancement in an approachable way.As a response, YummyColours started by creating the strategy to position Browzwear as an enterprise solution and the most trusted partner for their clients digital transformation journey. It began by honing in on what Browzwear was already doing right – emphasizing their game-changing efficiency, power to break down silos, and true-to-life accuracy – and raising the bar everywhere else, from how they communicate to their engagement through their website and social media.


Credits: YummyColours

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