Barro de Cobre Design

By Futura,  a Mexico-city based creative studio celebrated their anniversary by collaborating with Barro de Cobre to release a special edition mezcal titled, ‘The Revolt Is Near’. The mezcal, twice distilled through clay pots and copper, represents the path taken by Futura over the last nine years. They say, ‘We’ve challenged the old ways, have experimented with new methods, and have encouraged chaos. We’ve found a new aesthetic by testing the limits on each of our projects. There is no certainty as to what will happen tomorrow, yet certainty has never existed.’

The dramatic branding sees smeared stencil typography stamped with dripping black ink onto gold foil paper. The gold labels, which are glued to the small transparent bottles of mezcal, are intentionally creased and wrinkled. Its intentionally worn and imperfect aesthetic has a likeness to posters that would be seen during political revolutions and brings to mind rebellion and transformation.




Credits: By Futura

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