Avala, in collaboration with design and branding studio Play, has unveiled a powerful brand identity that captures the essence of their mission. By investing in the individuals who collect data, Avala aims to improve the working conditions and provide transformative opportunities in the AI industry. Play strategically crafted a brand strategy and identity system, including a captivating logo, vibrant color palette, and dynamic 3D animations. The visual language reflects Avala’s commitment to a more equitable digital labor economy, showcasing their dedication to transparency, fair compensation, and upskilling. With an approachable and humanist design, Avala’s brand represents their vision of harnessing AI’s potential to uplift humanity and overcome socioeconomic inequalities.

The brand elements created by Play not only communicate Avala’s values but also serve as a catalyst for change in the AI industry. The pixel-based logo, blending digital precision with soft curves, symbolizes Avala’s role in driving growth, connecting AI with better data, and offering enhanced opportunities for individuals. The lively 3D-rendered animations, recontextualizing the pixel as a cube, highlight the diverse services Avala provides, encompassing knowledge and data, transportation and identification, and equality and inclusion. The vibrant color palette, anchored by a vibrant orange, infuses Avala’s brand with optimism and fosters a sense of joy and inclusivity. Together, these design elements empower Avala to lead the way in building a future where AI data supports both workers and society as a whole.


Credits: Play

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