Allurē is a clothing brand, founded in 2021. Inspired by attention to detail, careful tailoring, and use of natural, and superior quality fabrics. Collections are designed with passion, from the highest quality linen to cotton fabrics, cut and handed over by the wonderful team of tailors. Creative Boxx is the creative mind behind this sophisticated branding project.

Let’s start with the logo design — inspired by the delicate surface of the fabrics and their abstract weave reflecting the values of the brand, featuring a thin-stroked circular logo. Also, the color palette for Allurē inspires the organic and natural look of linen and cotton, giving a soft and minimalistic touch over the visual identity. Colors are subtle, elegant, and feminine.
By adding a modern silver and pink foil over selected business cards gave a contrast between a subtle color palette. This combined with the watercolor illustrations of the 17th century reflected an authentic appearance of the brand.

Creative Boxx is a graphic design studio, specializing in branding, packaging, and interactive design. We create experiences that tell your brand’s story the best way possible. Founded with love in 2019. They look for inspirations to create authentic and unique brand identities that stand out in the ever-changing design landscape.


Credits: Alicja Surga

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