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Get ready to dance with the latest automated video campaign created by Algo for, the music licensing platform that needed help in creating music videos for each of their songs in the catalog. After being awarded by the ADC awards in 2020 with its work for Bloomberg Futures, an automated weekly market recap, the data visualization Italian studio Algo just shared a brand new project in a completely new field, always aiming to redefine the future of news media production.
Algo’s team was faced with the challenge to build modular, fully automated, and TikTok-friendly music videos for the music licensing platform So, starting from the branded colors of the logo, they developed a fresh color palette and a custom library of shapes that work great when combined.
By selecting any of the songs, the algorithm randomly picks the colors, shapes, and order of scenes, different for every video, using the metadata embedded on the track like vibe’s name, genre, tempo, tags, and waveform, to customize the scenes and animate the shapes. This gave their client an infinite variety of music videos that are never the same and generated automatically. The result: mesmerizing images that come together to produce the most suitable clip for the chosen song.
Since the project is so strongly based on music, wanted to preview their videos on the platforms where Gen Z creators spend more time: TikTok, Youtube & Twitch. To do that, the design team created a 16:9 full-song video version perfect for Youtube & a vertical, 30s version dedicated to TikTok.We helped Slip.Stream to create music videos in minutes, completely according to the rhythm of the music.



Credits: Algo

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