3D Portraits

Fernando Domínguez Cózar is the owner of 3D Portraits – a beautiful photography project created for Nexus Studios. In this case, the art director experimented with different portraits and 3D structures, achieving peculiar shapes, giving authenticity to the series. The owner usually experiments with shaped and colors. He says “Experimenting and playing it´s an esential part of my job. Most of my work has gone through this process first, I love creating images with no reason just for fun or curiosity. This images are like doors that, depending of the circunstances, can be crossed, modeled and developed to finish a complet project, personal or comercial. But sometimes this images never become anything and remaind hidden in the deepest of our hard disk, but not for that reason are less and still speaks about ourselves.”


Credits: Fernando Domínguez Cózar

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