3D Art for Comdirect Bank

Hamburg-based designers Vitaly Grossmann and Vincent Schwenk were commissioned by German bank, Comdirect, to create a short animation as part of an online campaign to attract and recruit UI designers. This series of 3D art presents stills from their action-reaction based animations.

The initial concept was based on the idea of pushing, shifting, scrolling and clicking various buttons, triggering a diverse mix of animations.

Grossmann and Schwenk ended up stitching together a series of ‘reaction’ stories to create a seamless narrative that’s open to interpretation and detached from conservative visualisations typically associated with banks.

The aesthetic is at once playful and professional and the technical design pays strong attention to detail in replicating a range of textures with fine print patterns. The environment, based on dots, points and circles, is inspired by the visual language used in the world of stock markets.

The colour palette of anthracite and greyscale is based on the new corporate identity of Comdirect. The punch of yellow acts as the highlight colour, along with a fading gradient to bright green, ‘drawing the viewer’s attention to the stories’ heroes’.


Credits: Vincent Schwenk

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