Naturalist exhibition

New curated project, uniting more than 15 Russian product designers, explores living with nature in the urban settings and aims at bringing back nature into the everyday experience of city dwellers. Daily communication with nature and feeling connected to the natural rhythms are important components of both physical and emotional health and well-being. Today more and more people choose moving to smaller townships in a search for a more harmonious living, escape for months to the natural sites or practice city gardening. The task for the participants of Naturalist was to design functional objects that will allow feeling connected to nature in a standard city apartment, without major changes in both interior planning and city lifestyle. Naturalist by curator Tatiana Kudryavtseva and product designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov continues the series launched in 2014 with IZBA, the project reinterpreting Russian traditions of living and shown in Milan, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Credits: Naturalist

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