Cargo Brewery

From their brewery high in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the team at Cargo Brewery are proud to share this beer with you.  The Cargo Brewery visual identity was built on one main brand colour - Copper Foil. This choice was made as it expresses quality, bolstering the connotations of “Market Leader”, “Premium”, “Exclusive” and “Innovative Brand”.
The desgin team at Makebardo decideed to use copper instead of the more luxury metals such as gold as copper is less commonly used in brew brands, thereyby creating a more distinctive identity. The color “Green” was picked to complement the copper and is associated with peace, harmony, good luck and progress. The green colour is part of the primary palette, however takes a supporting role, acting as a text colour or a background. A separate colour palette of green pantones exists to use in each label of beer to enhance the identity. To resume, the combination of both bring us a perfect equilibrium indicating the soul of the brand.

Credits: Makebardo

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