Universal Favourite created a new branding for Youthforia, a US-based DTC start-up. Youthforia is a Gen Z beauty brand whose mission is to make makeup more playful.

Youthforia is universal. It’s the moments of utter bliss you get when you’re young. Your first lip gloss. The cute text and the screenshot sent straight to the group chat. The waiting, the rush. Crushes, summer break, long chats that last till 3 a.m. Getting the giggles with your best mate, hungover af, waiting for microwave mac and cheese. The lights going down before your favorite band starts playing. Being completely in it, and taking it all in. Like if confetti was a feeling. That’s how they want to make you feel with every product, every time.

They’re big on having fun but they’re serious about the environment. The beauty industry loves fossil fuels (which makes sense because liquid plastic feels nice), but that doesn’t really work with their whole “wanting a future” thing. That’s why all of their ingredients, including synthetics, are plant-based. This means they don’t have to compromise on quality or textures. Youthforia makes their products biobased — each with at least 90% renewable ingredients and their products are certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program.

Caring about and being kind to the planet is cool and important and so is using safe stuff on your skin.


Credits: Universal Favourite

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