The Story of: Red on Her Way

Jillian Frey and Colleen Guenther each left agency life to pursue their own businesses. With a mutual love for conceptual advertising and fashion photography they decided to launch their new endeavors with the story of “Red.” Red loosely personifies an adult version of Little Red Riding Hood’s character. She is: Brave, Boundless and Amusing. Qualities that inspire both entrepreneurs as they head on their way.

Creative Direction: 

Jillian Frey
Jillian Frey Studio


Colleen Guenther
Colleen Guenther Photography

Model: Ellie Etz
Modeling Agency: Voulu Management
HMU: Andrea Holton
Styling: Sarah Cochran 

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Jillian Frey Studio

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