STD Free London

Mor Solymosi designed STD Free London. Since London and the rest of the UK went on lockdown in March, clinics have seen the number of STDs drop to around 20% of normal levels. While people are primarily confined to their homes and unable to pass undetected STDs onto anyone outside their household, if they get tested and treated before restrictions lift, it could stop the spread of HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea like never before. “Clean Sheet” was developed to inform the public about SHL’s free STD home-testing kits to allow London ‘start fresh’ after lockdown. The campaign design was intentionally provocative in order to grab the attention of those on social platforms and dating apps to get them to rethink the next few weeks as an opportunity to get ready for a better, healthier, sex-life in the future.

Designer: Mor Solymosi

Creative Directors: Aoife O Leary, Karolina Kezdi


Credits: Mor Solymosi & Co.

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