Stage 12 – Hotel by Penz Identity

Beautiful branding for Stage 12 – Hotel by Penz, a hotel in Innsbruck, Austria. Created by Icarus creative, also in Austria.

A modern city hotel has opened in the centre of Innsbruck, on the site of a former theatre. The new CD aims to transport both visually and verbally the hotel’s special location on one of Innsbruck’s main shopping streets as well as its international flair. The studio wanted to make the hotel an urban stage. The name and logo form the basis for an outstanding performance that enables the hotel’s fresh charm and elegant character to be in the spotlight. This core idea is reflected in all printed media and advertising material. Instead of the typical Tyrol clichés and local tourism messages, the studio wants to use an international design language. Stylish illustrations and eye-catching colour combinations will replace photos already seen a thousand times. Icarus will create a feel of genuine authenticity, far away from shiny brochures and menu covers made of artificial leather. The written messages speak an internationally understandable language – delivered with subtle nod and a wink.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém Souza


Credits: Icarus Creative

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