Top 10: Simple & Minimal branding

Nowadays, things tend to be more complicated than they usually are. Or sometimes we're just afraid of doing things because we care too much about what others think about us. So, this week we're taking it easy; we're presenting Top 10: Simple & Minimal branding. Usually, when we witness a simple, beautiful design is because it takes a lot of work.

When we think of minimal aesthetics, the first concept that pops out in our minds is black and white. However, we should delete this misconception from our imagination. Consequently, for this week's Top 10 series, we have carefully curated some bright and colorful and some others with this incorrect idea of what actually is minimal design.
On this occasion, we believed it was pertinent to show different formats in which our branding design comes to life. However, you might already know that business cards and Mindsparkle team are a thing. So, you might find a couple of them when scrolling 🙂 As we always mention, don't forget that this selection has an inspirational role. And as a creative, it's always good to be loaded with tons of images in our head.

All in all, we hope you enjoy this new edition of our weekly series. And count on Top 10: Simple & Minimal branding to be a different source of inspo for your current projects. Let's apply some of the simplicity of these designs or our very own to our lives too. Have an amazing week!

16.11 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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