Top 10: Playful Branding

Today's Top 10 Series is jollily brought to you by Future London Academy: This week, we´re featuring a children’s typical characteristic: playfulness. When we think of this adjective, it brings us back to the good ol’ days, full of vibrant colors and no worries. Happiness and joy are on the first burner. We present to you Top 10: Playful Branding designs. 

We carefully curated this selection, showcasing super fun and bright-colored creative works; with color palettes worth saving for future inspiration. Distinctive from elegant or fancy projects, these include a jolly imprint. What we enjoy the most about this collection is that creatives aren’t afraid of color usage and designed innovative graphic artworks.

We´re super excited to announce Future London Academy´s new practical course Branding Now led by ex-Wolff Olins, ex-Design Studio experts – literally has EVERYTHING you need to create brands that stand out. From developing a powerful brand strategy, story, and visual identity to leading the team and launching the brand into the world. They´ve thought of everything!  You´ll learn what you need to have in place to create a successful brand strategy. And how to build a brand story that will resonate internally. Also, how-to guide designers and give the right feedback on time. 

After scrolling, make sure check Future London Academy´s site and scroll through the amazing list of speakers!

03.08 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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