Top 10: Design Studios Branding

It's been a while since our latest Top 10 edition, you may have witnessed, and we're expanding our topics of conversation. While checking the history, we noticed we'd showcased tons of branding projects but none about actual design studios. Today, we're presenting Top 10: Design Studios Branding.

The Top 10: Design Studios Branding showcases some of the best and most iconic brand identities. We know it's key to every creative agency to have a strong brand image that communicates the values and personality of the team. Though, committing to only one style might provoke some disturbances when defining a studio's visual identity, as we at least believe it should have a timeless look and feel. However, most studios make a renewal after more than ten years in business. But that it's up to each team's dynamic. 
This curated selection randomly features many black-and-white projects. All of them have varied visual identities, and some incorporate color accents. Also, the typographical choices might not be the boldest though they include some unique features that make each identity unique.

18.10 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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