Top 10: 3D Branding

On our way home, walking down the street, our eyes and brain never stop working or analyzing our surroundings. As creative and visual professionals, we're constantly thinking about how we'd improve the brands from our neighborhood. There's been a swift in the last year, where bidimensional designs mix and match with the threedimensional world. Meet this week's Top 10: 3D Branding designs.

Still coding this 2022 trends, we found out that, unconsciously, this combination of the industrial world from 3D modeling and rendering meets the graphic design environment. Among some of the techniques used for threedimensional brandings include CGI images and new features in Illustrator. But let's be honest, mockups saved our works more than once and provided a more realistic approach to reality.
However, this Top 10: 3D Branding edition aims to blend these two worlds into one, coexisting. Are you up for a challenge like this? Take this carefully curated project's selection to start brainstorming some ideas for your future work, including any of these 3D features. Our varied curation includes packaging, art direction, footwear and fashion, poster design, including three-dimensional components.

All in all, we hope you enjoy this week's inspirational selection. Also, if you have further ideas to feature for the next Top 10 series, let us know on Instagram 🙂 PS: don't forget to rest your sight on your way home; it's good to have a tabula rasa once in a while for new ideas to bloom.

15.03 2022

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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