Serendipity app’s identity

Mor Solymosi designed Serendipity app’s identity. Serendipity is the subscription people will be happy to use. Serendipity enables you to find and donate to the best charities in a flash ā€“ now one can have more impact without all the hassle. Serendipity, in a phrase, is the luck some people have in finding or creating interesting, valuable things by chance. This meaning helps to hit the base of the visual concept behind the logo and its whole identity system. The logo has an optical illusion which reflects upon the main perspective of the emblem: what is unexpected is serendipity for the viewer. The hidden character ā€œSā€ in the center of the logo helps further capture the essence of serendipity, and the mentioned optical illusion effect draws upon a pattern of identity.


Credits: Mor Solymosi

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