Ryan Paonessa Studio Identity

To coincide with the launch of his new website and in planning for future studio usage, a visual rebrand was necessary. The components of Ryan Paonessa Studio Identity needed to reflect his client-based design services, visual art, and miscellaneous interests featured on the journal. The goal of the brand identity was to unify all of these individual aspects under one roof while maintaining enough freedom to expand in the future. Beyond the logo — a primary component of the identity — the designer wanted to create a cohesive system of color, typography, grids, and layout. All elements of the identity utilize the same drab green, smoke gray, and crème color-way as well as light and medium weights of the Gotham HTF font.

For the logo, an “RP” monogram, he referenced on his older personal logos as well as the components of individual letter parts. The inspiration for this came from H.F. Henderson’s Understanding Molecular Typography (1992) and the “parts of a letter” exercises that he was forced to continuously do by hand in design school years ago. The mark works well printed at almost any size (both physically and digitally) and is fun when used as a stamp or stencil. A custom stamp of the logo was also made to be used wherever necessary. For printed collateral, he focussed on things that would be used presently and most often, starting with business cards and letterhead then diving into packaging and stationary exploration.



Credits: Ryan Paonessa

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