Rotate, formerly Armoz, is a revolutionary new cyber security platform aiming to protect and insure SMBs and SMEs. With a fresh, modern approach to cyber security, Rotate is shaping the future of work by creating an all-around better way to secure your business.

Building on the notion of an all around better way to secure your business, Aline Studio arrived at Rotate, a new name conveying the idea of 360 degree protection while feeling straightforward, assured, and approachable.

With the new name established, Aline Studio moved into visual identity, envisioning what 360 degree business protection might look, and considered how it might orbit, safeguarding against threats from all angles.

Our explorations led to a rounded, approachable “r” symbol, meticulously crafted to work in motion, and with the versatility for its distinct, dimensional shapes to serve as framing devices for imagery throughout the identity system.

To create balance, the studio paired the symbol with an established, intelligent-feeling logotype that is forward-looking yet trustworthy. The black and white color palette incorporates a Teal Blue to instill a sense of safety and reliability, complemented by a vibrant orange that creates energy and draws attention to system elements.

Typefaces Denton and MatterSQ embody intelligence and approachability, serving as powerful tools for communicating complex information and delivering impactful statements with clarity.

The simple graphic language system is informed by the symbol, utilizing rounded, dimensional shapes that rotate to infuse movement and energy.

Project contributors: Aline Studio — Nick Monkhouse, James Trump, Tess Lenk , Mackenzie Pringle , Michael Meyer , Sophie Lietz , Hongjin Lan, Maor Ofek


Credits: Aline Studio

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