Poziom 511 rebranding

Poziom 511, positioned by Suprematic, is a hotel located on the top of the highest hill of the Jura Krakowsko-Czstochowska (511 m above sea level), surrounded by greenery and limestone rocks.The client wanted to emphasise and promote the location of the facility and the opportunities offered by the presence in the true heart of Jura, one of the most mysterious and tourist interesting regions of Poland. Combining tourism and conscious self-care is a trend that the hotel has been following for years. To support long-term growth and changes, they standardised the visual communication, created a new sign limestone monadnocks, with its form referring to the surroundings of the facility. As part of the rebranding process, they strived for production minimalism, replacing some physical materials with their digital equivalents. In other aspects, they used ecological raw materials. On the new website, they have implemented functionalities related to hotel events and a wide range of natural regeneration opportunities.


Credits: Suprematic

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