Otta Branding

Nowadays, the employment market is particularly messy after a year of working remotely. When looking for a job, there are tons of new things to consider today, like knowing where the HQ is located, what kind of arrangement they have, if on-site or not. Plus, sometimes it seems recruiters still believe in unicorns and continue looking for them. So, Otta, a brand that puts talent first, asked Ragged Edge studio to create a unique branding design. 

The brand aims to find your calling rather than a conventional job, focusing on the candidates’ needs. Otta helps them find fulfilling opportunities in the world’s most exciting and innovative companies. Also, there’s a general dehumanization in society. However, we strongly see it in the job searches and all along the waiting and selection process. Otta set out to change that and to become the candidate- the first career champion the world of work so desperately needs.
Ragged Edge’s team created the antithesis of what a corporate job platform might like these days and designed a super-expressive concept. The strident colors catch up with the brand’s differential value and position it first for innovation, respecting the candidate’s priorities, not to be just a number. From the identity and launch campaign right through to the product experience, Otta invites you to amplify yourself. 

We’re hyped by the brand’s result and striking color gradients and threedimensional shapes dynamically working to reflect Otta’s uniqueness. Also, we see the empathetic path designers transited to create this stunning design for all the ones in search of their call. 


Credits: Ragged Edge

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