Objectivity Squared

Objectivity Squared is an independent, investment advisory firm helping clients live with greater meaning and impact. SDCO Partners created a new outstanding brand identity that stands out. The logotype utilizes lowercase sans serif letterforms that are both classic and current. An abstract fingerprint mark represents the human connection integral to the brand — and their enduring relationships with clients. A system of graphic elements makes use of geometric shapes and compelling copy to add depth and visual interest. Shades of black, olive, ivory, and red-orange strike an iconic chord in a typically conservative industry. 
Print collateral, including large-format and letter sized envelopes, and notecards, utilize the logotype, abstract fingerprint mark, and branded colors to create a system that’s classic, current, bold, and memorable. The website employs intriguing animation, bold typography, and informal portraits of the tight-knit team that invite visitors and prospective clients to explore and learn more about this innovative company.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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