NUPHASE Brand Identity

Saul &Co designed NUPHASE Brand Identity. Nuphase© is a public image consultancy located at the heart of Querétaro, México, founded in 2020 by Carla Margut and Karla Calderón. Carla Margut’s taste for sobriety and Karla Calderón’s colorful personality result in a versatile consulting firm capable of adapting to the user’s needs.

The designers created a flexible identity which could be capable of transmitting professionalism, style, youth and confidence.

The logotype has been designed using as a starting point the ToY typeface (inspired by another typeface used in a cycling magazine called “LE VIE D’TALIA” from 1917).

The sleek composition of the logo is due to the proper study of the image and the use of the repetition of nature as a model, in other words: fractals.

They got inspired by comparing and adapting the anatomy of the logotype to a macro photograph of human skin. With this they seek to reinforce the approach that Nuphase has towards a human brand.


Credits: Saul &Co

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