Not Real

On 2020, after three years of hard work, The Not real studio exponentially grew. In their own words: Without even noticing, we were suddenly directing projects for internationally renowned clients that pushed us to gather and lead larger scale teams for more complex project requirements.

We became stronger and even more professional. But, project after project, our own visual identity became outdated, not reflecting the actual reality of the studio neither legitimizing the quality of the work.

Back then, we started a journey of introspection that basically made think about some key issues: Describe our current situation, define our basic communication needs, see the pro’s and con’s to what we were doing and compare ourselves with other studios, to then finally pursue a diagnose of our status. The result was total miscommunication. Multiple things needed to be adjusted and reviewed.

Following our strategic thinking, the first thing we did was to come up with an hypothesis: If we reframed our communication with an identity that could reflect our growth, quality of work and service and capitalize the variety of our projects as a key differentiator, we would be able to accurately position the studio as a legit competitor in the market we aimed for.

This change of mindset was not only outwards: We defined our key values as a company, set our mission and vision and defined a methodological work proposal to achieve the results we were pursuing. Finally, set a list with the amount of design pieces we needed to develop. We were being reborn.

The following is a recap of all the process and design we worked on to make this a reality. It took us a while to merge it all into this case study, so we are super happy to finally be sharing this with the world.



Credits: Not Real

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