Native Atlas Packaging

Beautiful packaging project for the cosmetics brand Native Atlas by Design Ranch, in Kansas City.

The Native Atlas brand was born from a desire to help others go natural and live a life free of toxins with skincare made from only the finest organic ingredients. The task was crafting a cohesive brand identity and story that spoke to both the global and local inspiration behind the products in a clean, sophisticated way. Drawing inspiration from the name, process and worldly nature of the ingredients, the tagline “Born the World Over” was created to encompass the unique and careful creation of Native Atlas products — from North America to Africa and everywhere in-between. The logo is a modern representation of a compass that, when deconstructed, is made of sleek directional lines. These lines are used as copper foil graphics throughout the brand and act as a native compass guiding you towards the purest of skincare. Dramatically lit photography of botanicals casting shadows on the models’ skin communicates the naturally direct skincare and emphasizes the global influence that inspires the brand and product line.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Design Ranch

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