Middletown Cafe

Middletown Cafe, a Melbourne establishment, presents a brand identity designed by Pop & Pac that combines modern technique with timeless elegance. The cafe’s tagline, ‘inspired by a duchess’, reveals Kate Middleton as its creative muse. Middletown Cafe says, “The brand response took reference from key moments in her life, her fashion style, her small town upbringing, her fashion sense, her humble nature and her ascension into The Royal Family.”

With that in mind, the clean, minimalist branding effortlessly carries the sophistication of royalty to a modern, contemporary setting, as evident from the signage and the packaging to the interior. The logomark and typography are trendy and youthful yet sophisticated, and the colour pairings of royal blue with white and pastel purple with gold balance high-end posh with on-trend cool.


Credits: Pop & Pac

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