The Branding People  designed Luv.It. is an online platform with a vision to create a green community within its members. They generate content for people interested in a sustainable, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Plus, they established a marketplace with carefully curated products from brands that share their eco-friendly principles. For this rebranding, tbpmx got inspiration from Luv.its’ main target: millennials.

Approaching them with something that they all have in common: the 90’s. Nostalgia from this decade was fused into the branding, creating a universe of bold and funky patterns, flashy typography and a palette conformed by pastel hues. The challenge was to create an identity that would create a relationship between the 90’s and a green world. Therefore, the look and feel of the project is based on how the 90’s would look like today.



Credits: The Branding People

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