Essen International designed Lendify. Society at large is changing faster than ever before. Traditional banks, however, are operating in the same inefficient, costly manner as always. So claims Lendify, the startup wonder that developed its super digital yet customer centric platform from scratch, and that recently was named “the most interesting fintech in recent years” by Sweden’s former Minister of Finance Anders Borg.

As the brand identity took form, the designers started producing the brand assets to go with it. Numbers and graphs are obviously important for Lendify, so those were put at the forefront. A colorful, quirky 3D image bank was produced to balance things out. A tailor-made set of icons too. And, of course, there was the logotype, embodying trustworthiness and equal interdependency.

In early 2020, Lendify’s launched its new website, and with it, the new brand was revealed to the world. At this point, the company had reached unicorn-level valuation. It seems as if there’s no stopping them now.


Credits: Essen International

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