Jania Branding

JANIA, positioned by Antonio Calvino,is an emerging eco-bio skincare brand that wants to be the meeting point between cosmetics and pharmacopeia: creating a line of skincare products whose quality is tested through chemical-analytical verification methods.
Jania products contain a high concentration of natural active ingredients that act at a metabolic level, passing deeply through the skin and guaranteeing not only aesthetic benefits but also medical benefits, when necessary.
The raw materials are processed with precise scientific knowledge and the latest generation technologies. The ingredients used for the composition of the products are treated so that they remain as close as possible to their natural characteristics, making the products extremely delicate, natural and close to respecting the environment.
Considering the strengths of the product and the brand values, such as: attention to the environment, naturalness and well-being of the person as each one is different; it was decided to develop a brand identity based on soft, different but at the same time similar colors. Same process concerns to the geometric shapes used as image frames and layouts, taken up in each designed article: from product labels to images used on the website.


Credits: Antonio Calvino, Alessia Visicaro

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