IKU plant-based eatery

Nowadays, we’re rapidly readapting our way of eating and the products we consume. We’re becoming more conscientious about our health habits and starting to realize their long-term effects. Today, we’re traveling to Australia’s most famous city, more precisely to IKU, Sydney’s first plant-based eatery. Universal Favourite team was the creative mind behind the brand’s new visual identity.  

Founded 35 years ago, IKU is a precursor and has stood for plant-based diets for way too long, gaining tons of recognition and experience. IKU partnered with the design studio Universal Favourite to craft a brand that would set them apart from the competition. They ambitioned to enter the direct-to-consumer market and broaden their audiences to reach Millenials and Gen Z. Also, it was essential to incorporate features about its Japanese background.
Universal Favourite’s vision for IKU wanted to be something extra and provide both its new and loyal customers with the emotional high ground of how a mouthwatering plant-based meal is. Plus, how it genuinely helps the planet. So, designers developed the brand idea “Eat your world better with our strategic partners at Untangld,” says Dari Israelstam, Founder and Creative Director of Universal Favourite.
Influenced by plant-based dishes’ vivid colors, the team came up with a color palette that feels delicious and exciting. Creatives thought of including the traditional stacked bowls to complete the identity with the cultural feature for these nutritionally-balanced meals. 

IKU’s overall visual identity reflects an extraordinary resolution about how the brand wants its customers to feel about them. The result? An extremely warm, natural, and unique identity; featuring the representative background of the oriental culture behind the dishes. We’re completely amazed by the art direction final images; they look so yummy and mouthwatering. 


Credits: Universal Favourite

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