Heaps Normal

A chill Saturday, and we’re preparing the ultimate details of our Halloween costumes and taking it easy. We’ll likely open a cold one and rest for what’s left of the day. These last months of the year characterize for being extra intense after spooky time. So, we’re bringing chill vibes from Australia’s  Heaps Normal branding designed by Electric And Analog.

The brand invented a non-alcoholic beer that’s too good to be wasted. Heaps Normal was born as an idea incubated within Electric And Analog. The studio wanted to self-prove that they could create a brand from scratch; free of outside opinion and trusting in their ability as brand builders. They went through numerous iterations before getting to a point where they realized this concept deserved to become a business of its own. With strategy mastered by Andy Miller, product-led by Benny Holdstock, brand the proud owner of Pete Brennan, and the world-renowned surfer Jordy Smith as the global brand ambassador, the four friends incorporated and went to market. Twelve months after launch, Heaps Normal stands as one of Australia’s favorite non-alcoholic beers, outselling even its alcoholic cousins at bars and bottle shops across the country.

With a cult following and sales to match, Heaps Normal is a testament to a brand with meaning, purpose, and a clear tone of voice. Plus, it’s able to challenge the industry and grow into a market-leading brand in a relatively short time. Voted as #1 non-alcoholic beer at the 2021 World Beer Awards and voted as a breakthrough brand in Interbrand’s 2021 Breakthrough Brands Report.

So, after reading about these surfer aesthetics, are you up for a Heaps Normal and vibe with their branding and us?


Credits: Electric And Analog

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